Project: Below

An interactive novel

Project: Below is a personal project following Siggy Smith, a character from The Galean Universe, an up-and-coming novel series. You can read the synopsis of book one here. I started this project in Twine, but then adapted it to work in Unity3D so I could house the story in a dynamic atmosphere and add more interactive elements. This project challenged me as a programmer, but that only made it far more satisfactory when it worked without exploding.

I presented this project at the RMIT Games Showcase 2017.

I intended to finish the project and release it in early 2018, but after a change of heart, I re-wrote the story in a novella format and submitted it to a publisher in Australia. The result of that submission will dictate the future of this project. At the end of the day, I wanted what was best for Siggy Smith and her future adventures.


Three Antarctic cruise ships have gone missing. An entire Russian research base gone silent with no radio contact. A private facility has been swept with an unknown pathogen.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

After Siggy Smith is charged with first degree murder and sentenced to liquidation, she’s given a choice: a quick death, or five years on an elite squadron known as MONSTR. Choosing life, the shape-shifter and ex-marine is now tasked with tracking down and eliminating supernatural entities that threaten human life.

Starting with the mysteries creeping across the snowy landscapes.

With each passing hour the stakes grow higher as the team faces a new crisis around every corner, and an enemy that continues to evolve, leading Siggy to wonder if she made the right choice…


A small two week game prototype for a voice controlled game called Whispers. Two people in the team. In the game you fuel the flight of the butterfly by talking and/or screaming into a microphone and use the left and right directional keys to alter the direction in which it flies. If we were to continue the project we would add a narrative story for the player’s to read out loud to help motivate the player’s noise input. Thus the story and the narrative would both fuel the butterfly but enhance game play.

My roles:
3D assets
Menu Creation